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Korean acupuncture (Su Jok)

Su Jok therapy is a new and very effective method of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the diseases with the help of needles, laser, moxa which are put on the fingers of the hands and feet. Su Jok is a Korean system aiming at the treatment of the human body which uses the biologic-active points of the meridian system (similarly to the Chinese medicine) but only those situated on the hands and the feet.

Su means palm and Jok means foot. The control of the energy system of the human body can influence a great number of diseases and can stabilize the defence mechanisms of the organism.

Su Jok therapy is the medical discovery of a great significance for the humanity. It has been developed by a South Korean professor Park Jae Woo who is one of the prominent scientists of the XX century.


Su Jok is an accessible, convenient, effective and innocuous method of treatment. It is more efficient than other well-established methods and medicines in the Western medicine.


Chinese acupuncture

The Chinese acupuncture is a therapy which uses needles, laser therapy, moxa applied on particular points of the human body. The correct carrying out of the treatment is very important and involves the correct recipe for acupuncture of the points- these points have to be selected according their functions. The planned treatment is decided on the basis of the differentiation of the syndrome.

The acupuncture recipe is made on the basis of the particular health problem of the patient and it consists of different duration of the holding the needles and different duration of the treatment. The treatment involves the following methods:

  • Needles for stimulation
  • Needles for blood
  • Moxa
  • Needles for heating

The treatment is strictly individual and its duration can be longer or shorter depending on the patient. The diseases change during the process. The less serious diseases are treated by choosing several points while the more serious diseases are treated by choosing multiple points. There are various acupuncture recipes depending on the selected points. A basic principle in the acupuncture is the selection of points:

  • The affected meridian
  • The meridian of an affected organ
  • Symptoms
  • Other

The acupuncture stimulates the biologic-active points situated on the ear. The aim is the treatment of the nicotine dependency, losing weight, treatment of depression, headaches, stomach disorders, insomnia and anxiety.

Japanese acupuncture (Yamamoto)

Skull acupuncture Yamamoto is a method of treatment known since the end of 1960. The diagnosis is made by pressing points situated in the area of the abdomen. The biologic-active points are situated on the skull, around the floor of the ear, the forehead, the back of the neck and the neck. With the help of the basic points diverse diseases such as disorders of the motor system, internal disorders and the sense organs are cured. The ipsilon points help to cure internal diseases and disorders of the motor system caused by an internal disorder.

The new skull acupuncture is suitable for a limited number of diseases and particularly for recovery after injuries and operations.

The methods used involve needles, laser and moxa.

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